A Luxury patio cover Biossun offers effortless indoor-outdoor flow in this California property.

Working on perfecting your outdoor living space? Take a look at this beautiful louvered roof with ocean-view in Pacific Palisades, 

The bioclimatic pergola, an ideal outdoor living space.

One of our luxury patio covers takes place in the city of Pacific Palisades, California (Southern of California). Our realization is two beautiful adjustable patio covers attached at home. In perfect harmony with the home environment, these patio covers undeniably adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Size: 16′ X 11′ (each roof system)

The BIO 120 bioclimatic patio cover is ideal for both terraces with these S-shape blades.

The bicolor, white blades, and black matt for the structure, are perfect with the home style and add a relaxing space facing the ocean-view. The design with a single frame (blades and structure) and blade lights achieve this perfect backyard.

Luxury Patio Cover in San Marcos

Essential accessories.

To enhance each louvered roof with ocean-view, two tube spots in aluminum profile and painted in the same structure color, have been installed on each patio cover.
These lights are indispensable for an evening dinner with your family or your friends and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

The trio, patio cover, ocean-view, and deck, provides a fantastic place to relax after a long day amid the special scenery.

Freedom is having a space that you can create and adjust every day to suit your mood.

Luxury Patio Cover in San Marcos

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BIO 120



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