BIO 120



The Biossun COMFORT BIO 120 is our most affordable modular solution, offering up to 235 square feet. This structure is ideal for cozy spaces in your garden (standalone installation) or to cover your patio (installation against a wall). Owing to its swiveling slats up to 175°, it accurately follows the curve of the sun, offering you Biossun optimal natural ventilation. No need to worry about the weather while you enjoy an optimally-ventilated patio. Biossun’s unique know-how enables it to achieve the perfect balance between living space, occupant comfort, and climatic conditions so that temperature and ventilation can be adjusted to suit everyone’s needs.

Freedom is having a space that you can create and adjust every day to suit your mood.

BIO 120
BIO 120


Essential accessories, colors and finishes

The BIO 120 patio cover is available in more than 100 different colors for the frame with an elegant frosted matte finish and a shade for the slats (pure white) that gives it beautiful luminosity. Central lighting, Zipsun® down-down awnings and sliding glass panels are available (for all models) to suit your modular needs.
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Standalone or against a wall

All of our models including the BIO 120 COMFORT patio cover can be installed in two different ways: in the middle of your garden for added privacy, or against a wall to shelter your patio and add a designer feel to your home. BIO 120 patio cover can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

BIO 120

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BIO 120



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