Bio 180



The BIO 180 bioclimatic patio cover is ideal for all terrace cover projects, offering coverage of up to 295 square feet with the installation of a single frame. A single frame, double frame, or customized design, the options are infinite, allowing you to create the space that best suits your needs blending in with all types of architecture: contemporary, classic, and all settings: seaside, mountainous, countryside, urban.

BIO 180 bioclimatic covers adapt effortlessly to all uses: as a cover to shelter a patio or terrace, a cover by the pool, or a cocooning-effect cover for spas, amongst other options.

Create an enjoyable, comfortable, designer area while you can experiment with different accessories (central lighting, light ambiance, ZipSun Screen, screen walls) and a wide palette of colors to enhance the new art of outdoor living.

Bio 180
Bio 180


Create a light ambiance that best suits your social needs.

Demarcate your areas with central lighting (swiveling LED spotlight strips with variable light intensity) for your meals with family and friends, or illuminate your evening get-togethers with white or 8-bit color LED strips.

Tube spots: Aluminium Profile, painted the color of your choice, including 3 or 4 sports according to dimension. To enhance the Bio 180 a central lighting.

Strip led lighting: Ideal for adding that luminous decoration touch, this type of RGB lighting works with the patio’s remote control to vary the intensity. 



Color Schemes

Customize your Biossun bioclimatic patio cover to your personal preference, select from more than 100 available colors and finishes. You can choose the finish of your structure (posts and beams) among matt, gloss or fine texture. 

Bio 180

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