Our know-how

Biossun is the French benchmark brand for aluminium bioclimatic patio and terrace covers: expertise based on our ability and determination to innovate.

Our know-how

Essentially, a design based on specific slats

The special S-shaped slat design of Biossun bioclimatic patio and terrace covers makes it possible to narrow the space through which air passes, thus accelerating the airflow and drawing it upward. This exclusive Biossun design ensures temperature regulation that is clearly felt. And, for the BIO 230, BIO 180 and BIO 120 bioclimatic patio and terrace covers, you now have the choice between two types of blades: S-shaped or flat-bottomed, for aesthetic rendering to your taste, without losing its weather protection properties and natural ventilation effect.

our know how
our know how

Our know-how

Crafted from an exceptional material: aluminium

A raw material mastered throughout the building industry for more than 40 years. A light yet exceptionally strong material with very good heat conductivity. Biossun bioclimatic patio covers are crafted in a first aluminium alloy that is 98% recyclable and only weighs 3.7lb per every 3 linear feet, for exceptional lightness. Control over its manufacture ensures a unique design for seamless integration with any type of architecture, and a natural optimal ventilation effect. In offering you a selection of more than 100 colors and finishes, the thermo-lacquering process used is certified by the most exacting standards to ensure the very highest level of color and protection.

our vision

A leading edge Research and Development department

Our Biossun bioclimatic patio covers are designed at our production site in Isère, at the foot of the mountains. Our design office and entire R&D and quality assurance teams work daily on innovation in terms of sun protection, anticipating trends and working respectfully with nature. Today, more than 10 patents protect our know-how. We now cater to meet all needs, by fitting our bioclimatic covers with intelligent integrated systems to offer users a choice between shade and sunlight, according to personal preference. Finally, as a major stakeholder of the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Buildings), we also contribute towards the development of standards through our requirements in terms of design and manufacture.


our know how



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